Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

"Owners of buildings higher than six (6) stories must have exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every five (5) years and a technical façade report must be electronically filed with the Department through DOB NOW: Safety."

At AMA Architects, we help clients on all aspects of the FISP process. A dedicated Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) will work with you to help you achieve and maintain compliance with the NYCDOB façade safety requirements.

A non-compliance façade not only constitutes a hazard risk to the public, but it's also extremely costly.

Façade Fees & Penalties

Filing Fees

Unsafe conditions must be corrected within 90 days of filing a report with an Unsafe status. An amended report must then be filed within two weeks of completing the repairs.

Initial Report: $425.00 

Amended/Subsequent Report: $425.00

Extension Request: $305.0


Penalties apply after the filing period ends.

Late Filing (initial report) $1,000 per month

Failure to File (initial report) $5,000 per year 

Failure to correct unsafe conditions will result in $1,000 fine per month in the first year, plus $10, $20, $30, and $40 per linear-foot of façade of additional penalty in Y2, Y3, Y4, and Y5, respectively.

Failure to correct SWARMP conditions $2,000.

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What is NYC FISP?

NYC FISP or Façade Inspection & Safety Program is a law (Local Law 11/98) by New York City Council that refers all buildings higher than six stories must perform a periodic Façade Inspection by a qualified professional every five years, and a technical façade report must be filed with the Department of Building (DOB). This report includes the condition of NYC's buildings as safe, safe with repair, or unsafe.

What does FISP mean in construction?

FISP means Façade Inspection & Safety Program, a set of regulations focusing on the state of the building's exterior walls and their appurtenances in New York. With this program, each building over six stories must be inspected every five years and file a report with the DOB. FISP aims to ensure that the façade of buildings is maintained regularly to reduce the risk of falling-debris hazards.

What is Façade safety?

Façade safety means the safety or protective effect on the outer layer of a structure. The purpose of the façade is to ensure longevity. A façade system is resistant to water, heat, wind, pressure, and abrasion. A well-coated façade can make the structure healthier.

What is a Façade of a building?

The façade is the front or uttermost part of a building that faces the people. It's the physical exterior portion of a building, giving the structure a personality and character. Not only aesthetics, but the façade is also admired for its resistance to temperature, weathering, and corrosion.

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